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Headlights polish and restoration

Headlights polish by J&J Co Ltd

Your headlights are exposed continuously to extreme conditions such as road debris, sand, salt, harmful UV rays. Due to that as the time passes they become cloudy, dull, foggy or yellowish. Then you will need a reliable repair of your headlights and we are here to help.
What we offer is an effective solution that lasts. We have been a 3M official distributor since 2007 and we are doing out best to be up-to-date with all new car technologies. We are here to offer a solution for headlights restoration that will make your headlights look like a brand new ones and we will also offer protection over the time. Depending on the condition of your headlights after executing headlight polish procedure, your headlights will look as a brand new ones or their condition will be closer to the condition of new headlights. To preserve the effect of the headlight polish we protect the headlights with a 3M protection film. The film rejects up to 99% of the harmful UV rays, which are one of the main reasons for headlights aging. The film will protect them also from flying stones, sand as well as other road debris.  


Car manufacturers started production of polycarbonate headlights 30 years ago. Headlights are produced of polycarbonate due to three main reasons:
  • Durability of the polycarbonate;
  • Lighter weight of the material;
  • Easier production of more complex and curve shapes of headlights.
The disadvantage of polycarbonate headlights are that the become yellowish and cloudy over the time, which leads to:
  • Worse performance of headlights due to lower night visibility 
  • Aggravated total appearance of the vehicle
  • Lower security during driving due to less visibility


Why headlights become yellowish over time?

Today headlights are produced of polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is a very strong type of plastic. Over the time the strong  UV rays damage the polycarbonate. The chemicals used for road maintenance and cleaning also deteriorate the upper layer of the polycarbonate headlight. The road debris also make minor dents in the polycarbonate, which leads to foggy look of the headlight.


Importance of headlight visibility

Headlights are extremely important for the safety on the road. The malfunctioning of headlights may lead to discomfort during driving and even cause accidents during night. The exposure to various climatic conditions as well as road debris affects headlights, making them look dull, yellowish, clouded and scratched. All of these negative effects lead to reduced visibility. The solution is restoration of the headlights by headlight polish.

Headlights polish by J&JCo

How could the dull, cloudy headlights be restored?

  1. Headlight polish:  Headlight polish is a working solution that would restore the clear appearance of the polycarbonate lenses and their visibility  at a price much lower than buying a new headlight.  
  2. New headlights: replacement with new headlights. This is an effective , however rather more expensive solution. Even if choosing that solution we recommend that you have your headlights protected by paint protection film that will protect the headlights over time.

How do we polish headlights?

We polish headlights only with 3M materials that have been proven over time. Headlight polish is executed till reaching complete clearness of the lenses and restoring their brand new look. The effect that will be accomplished by our professional headlight polish service is:
• Headlight polishing for renovating the lenses and making them crystal clear
• Improved brightness
• Remove holes made by road debris, scratches and improve visibility 
• Save money by avoiding replacement. Headlight restoration at a fraction of the replacement cost. Our headlight polish service cost delivers great value for the money.
• Highly professional approach in headlight polish.
After having headlight polished they will look as brand new ones or almost as such. At that stage, however, it is not protected against the harmful UV rays, chemicals, road debris. If not protected that new appearance will last several months and then they will become again cloudy and yellowish. To maintain a long standing effect of the headlight polish, we protect the headlight lenses with a 3M protection film. 3M protection film rejects up to 99% of the UV rays. After applying protective film over the headlight lenses, we  guarantee a long lasting effect of the headlight polish, preserving the clear appearance. 

Why should you choose the headlight polish service by J&J Co?

Our main goal is to have satisfied customers and meet their requirements. Since 1993 we have been dealing in window films for cars and buildings and installation of burglar alarm systems. Since 2007 we have become an official converter of 3M. Delivering of high quality service and products is our priority, which is testified by our long-standing partnership with 3M. We use only 3M original products for headlight polish.

Headlights polish - J&J Co


Types of headlight protective films

We deliver two types of 3M films that we use for protection of polished headlights

Protective Film – Scotchguard Pro 4.0 3M

• That is a specialized film for protection of car paint and headlights form road debris, salt, petroleum products and asphalt
• 99% UV light rejection
• Multilayered film
• Thickness: 0.203mm
• Self-healing technology: minor scratches disappear when the vehicle is exposed to the Sun
• Warranty of a polished headlight protected with Scotchguard Pro 4.0: 2 years

Before Headlights polish by J&jCoAfter Headlights polish by J&jCo

Before and after headlight polish and application of Scotchguard Pro 4.0

3M Cast Film
• Crystal clear cast 3M film
• 99% UV light rejection
• Thickness: 0.05mm
• Warranty of a polished headlight protected by 3M cast film: 1 year.
Look further at the paint protection film options for preserving the car paint and headlights as new ones over the years.

Headlights polish by J&J Co Ltd

Why headlights become yellowish over time?

How do we polish headlights?

Types of headlight protective films


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